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Product Description

Dr. Driving is a car game that’s different. It’s not about racing, but driving well, finding parking, and managing traffic.

Dr. Parking came back as Dr. Driving!
Dr. Driving drives you crazy!
Burn up the street with the fastest and most visually
stunning edition of the Dr. Parking series.
Log in with Facebook ID to share high scores with friends and 100 Gold will be provided.

A few missions
Collisions in Dr. Driving end the game. Traffic police are everywhere and ready to write tickets. Your goal is to get from the highway, drive efficiently, and park.

There are several cars you can earn through earning coins. Your first car looks like a junker, not a high performance race car. If you get in accidents a lot, you can go to the garage and repair your car.
Not the most amazing game, but original
Dr. Driving is different because it’s not a racing game. The purpose is about driving well and the responsive controls make it challenging.

You can also customize the position of the steering wheel, brake, and gas. At first you will probably drive really bad but Dr. Driving allows you to drive fast after learning to control the steering wheel and pedals.
The graphics aren’t the best, but the game has some funny sections.
Driving can be civilized
Sometimes we forget that simply driving can be enjoyable. Dr. Driving is about the experience of driving without trying to get past checkpoints or race other people.
If you like racing games but want to try something different, Dr. Driving is an excellent choice.


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